The Home Paternity DNA Test Kit provides accurate testing for paternity in the comfort and privacy of your home. The testing kit determines the probability that a male is the biological father of a child with 99.9% accuracy.

Everything needed for Paternity Test Results are included in the Get DNA Tested Today Home Test Kit. One low price includes testing kit, shipping, and results. Learn the true biological relationship with complete accuracy.

Once you receive your Home Test Kits, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Label Swab Envelopes: The information must be filled out completely for test to be accurate.

Step 2. Collect DNA Samples: Simply rub the Sterile Polyester Tipped Applicators for 30 seconds inside the cheeks of the individuals being tested.

Step 3. Place Applicator in Sample Envelope: Remove the applicator from mouth and place it directly into the DNA Sample Envelope labeled for that tested person.

Step 4. Mail DNA Samples: Detach the Business Reply Envelope portion of the kit, then place all the collected parties' DNA Sample Envelopes inside. Seal the envelope securely, and place in the mail. Once we receive and test the samples, we will contact you with the results.

At-Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit

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